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Welcome to the Gateway to Higher Consciousness podcast, a place where we explore the expansive realms of consciousness and magnify awareness through thought-provoking conversations and inspiring stories. Join your host, Veronica Lillo-Roith, as she guides you on a journey to unlock your highest potential as a conscious being. With an experiential and super-curious approach, Veronica invites you to awaken and expand your horizons of awareness, tapping into higher states of consciousness to redefine your reality. Each week, we’ll apply a magnifying lens of awareness to manifold topics, from regeneration and leadership to parenting, all from a higher consciousness lens. As an amplifier of consciousness, Veronica shares her unique perspective, helping you see beyond what you thought was possible. This podcast is not about preaching, but rather a platform to offer you a possibility to feel and sense for yourself what resonates with your truth. Join us on this transformative adventure to awaken the power of your consciousness and embrace the regenerative parenting movement, redefining the future for yourself, your children, and the world at large. For daily inspiration and questions follow Veronica on Instagram @veronicalilloroith_int For more information about Veronica and her journey, visit: For community, join us at the Higher Consciousness Academy, where we unite to collectively nurture a new earth based on freedom, love, and peace:

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Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

In this heart-to-heart episode of Gateway to Higher Consciousness, "Breaking Free: Overcoming Anxiety and the Pursuit of Perfection," host Veronica shares a deeply personal story of challenge, insight, and transformation. Embark on a journey that transcends the simple act of learning a new language and ventures into the profound territories of self-discovery and overcoming internal barriers, becoming a full-fledged human being. 
Veronica opens up about her own struggles with the relentless pursuit of perfection and the anxiety it breeds—feelings that are all too familiar for many of us. Through her candid recount of learning Korean, she peels back the layers of her experience to reveal the universal battle with self-doubt, fear of failure, and the compulsive need to achieve.
But it's more than just a story of struggle; it's a tale of liberation. Discover how Veronica confronts deep-seated patterns and karmic behaviors, offering insights into how we can all break free from the chains of perfectionism to find joy and fulfillment in the process rather than the outcome.
Whether you're wrestling with the fear of not being good enough or the anxiety of potential failure—or even success—this episode shines a light on the path to greater self-compassion, mindfulness, and ultimately, freedom.
Join us for a raw, enlightening exploration of letting go of the constructs that hold us back. "Breaking Free: Overcoming Anxiety and the Pursuit of Perfection" is not just a listening experience—it's an invitation to transform the way you view yourself and your journey through life.

Monday Mar 11, 2024

Join us on "Gateway to Higher Consciousness" with our host, Veronica, as she embarks on an enlightening episode titled “Inner Alchemy: Transforming Pain into Connection." Veronica illuminates the profound beauty of interconnectedness, drawing parallels with the imagery of freshly trimmed apple trees to explore our shared vulnerabilities with nature and our intrinsic capacity for connection, empathy, and growth.
In this transformative journey, Veronica guides us from individual suffering to collective empathy and understanding, sharing personal revelations and insights that reveal how embracing our interconnectedness can light the way from solitude to unity, turning our deepest struggles into our most profound connections. Through intimate storytelling and reflective exploration, listeners are invited to witness the alchemical process of transmuting pain into a shared sense of purpose and belonging.
Veronica delves into the importance of experiential awareness, highlighting that true connection to life and the universe around us transcends intellectual understanding. This episode emphasizes the joy found in simplicity and the strength derived from recognizing our unity with the cosmos. She tackles the nuances of perception, advising on harnessing comparison for inspiration rather than fostering feelings of disconnection.
As we pivot to the theme of achievement, Veronica redefines ambition through the lens of personal expansion and the exploration of life's boundless possibilities. She addresses the transformative void that accompanies shedding old beliefs and patterns, underscoring the importance of resilience during this period of profound change.
Closing with a powerful message on the significance of conscious choice in where we place our energy, Veronica encourages listeners to seek out paradigm-shifting moments that redefine our place in the world. "Inner Alchemy: Transforming Pain into Connection" ends with a heartfelt invitation to share your stories of connection and join in the exploration of life's beautifully interconnected tapestry.
Tune in to be inspired to view your struggles through a new lens, finding within them the seeds of empathy, unity, and higher consciousness. Together with Veronica, discover how simple moments can bring profound joy and reinforce our unified connection to everything around us.

Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Are you caught in the relentless pursuit of external achievements—thinking they'll complete you? Experience a meditation that guides you in shedding layers to reveal your true cosmic self.
In this intimate episode of 'Cosmic Love Letters,' we invite you to engage in a powerful guided meditation that takes you on a liberating journey within. Rather than a conversation, consider this a deeply personal love note from the cosmos to your soul.
We explore the concept that true expansion and fulfillment come not from external achievements, but from shedding the extraneous layers of identity we've accrued over time. This guided experience helps you differentiate between your intrinsic self and the external energies that often cloud your perception. It serves as a gentle yet impactful nudge toward realigning with your true essence and cosmic purpose.
Through a series of grounding breaths, intentional pauses, and enlightening insights, you'll be led to question and eventually release the notions and identities that have kept you from connecting deeply with the universe and yourself. This episode is a love letter penned by the cosmos, inviting you to awaken to your authentic power and interconnectedness with all that is.
If you've ever found yourself lost in the hustle for societal validations or mired in self-doubt, this meditation offers you grounding, self-awareness, and a pathway to aligning with your higher self. Tune in, close your eyes, and allow the cosmic love letter to guide you back to the heart of your own universe.
Let today be the day you take the first conscious step in writing your own love letter back to the cosmos. Immerse yourself in this moment of awakening, reflection, and profound connection. You are not just part of the cosmos; you are the cosmos, in its most unique and radiant form.

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Dive into the sacred realms of 'Cosmic Love Letters: Episode 2 - Ignite Your Inner Light & Embrace Your Path'.
This episode serves as your loving reminder, sparking your inherent brilliance and encouraging you to fearlessly shine your light. It's your sanctuary amid self-doubt, uncertainty, and conflicts, transforming these trials into your opportunities for expansion and learning.
By listening in, you'll find harmony in treading your unique path, guided by your pure intentions. The narrative speaks directly to your inner strength, inspiring you to diminish your inner resistance and grow beyond your boundaries. It invites you to step into the unknown, to reunite with your childlike curiosity, and to embody your divine essence wholly.
This celestial love letter is your assurance that you are valued, essential, and never alone on your journey. The meditation within this episode carries a transformative energy, creating a sense of peace, clarity, and unity in your being. It is your haven for slowing down, for granting yourself the gift of time, and for basking in the comforting truth that 'all is well'.
By the end of this episode, you'll feel a deeper connection to your higher self and the universe. It's a healing experience, one that fosters self-love, enhances awareness, and stimulates soul expansion. Step into the world of Cosmic Love Letters, embrace your radiant light, and walk home together.

Wednesday Jul 19, 2023

In this potent episode of "Alchemy of Ascension," join transformational guide Veronica as she unveils her deeply personal journey of spiritual alchemy. Learn how she transmuted a profound, soul-stirring encounter with her inner child into an energetic liberation that has reshaped her life. Veronica dives deep into how this key experience has shifted her vibrational frequency, from dense sorrow to lighter, expansive consciousness.
Listen as she recounts the beautiful symbiosis of her newfound freedom with the melody of a bansuri flute. Discover how embracing playfulness and passion, even in the realm of business, can break down the barriers we've unknowingly erected, and open us up to new avenues of joy, growth, and fulfillment.
This episode is more than just a tale of transformation, it's a clarion call to those yearning to become "walking temples" of higher consciousness. Veronica invites listeners to embark on a journey of self-discovery, with her individual and group alchemy sessions, tailored to catalyze personal growth and spiritual development.
Tune in to "Alchemy of Ascension: Dancing with Your Shadows" and take a further step on your path towards ascension. Be ready to not just hear, but to feel the power of this episode reverberate within, urging you to tap into your own transformative potential.

Tuesday Jun 13, 2023

Step into the sacred space of "Cosmic Love Letters," a transformative podcast series designed to rekindle your innate power, resilience, and universal connection. Each episode serves as a channeled love letter to your soul, imbibed with high-frequency energy, love, calm, and peace.
Episode 1 - "Reminding You of Your Power, Resilience, and Universal Connection," is a profound exploration of self-discovery and transformation. This introspective journey invites you to a quiet space within you, leading you to bid farewell to old paradigms and welcome a new era of self-growth.
Cosmic Love Letters are more than just words. They are echoes of guidance from the deepest recesses of your soul, transcending the physical realm. By engaging with these letters, you will experience an energetic shift, entering an expansive, loving, calm, and clear space. You will find yourself within a metaphysical temple, a sanctum of clarity, calm and peace.
In this debut episode, you're invited to witness the dawn of a transformative season in your life. An epoch that celebrates your courage in letting go, creating space for the embodiment of your higher self. This transition reverberates through the lives of those around you, fostering a powerful sense of unity, love, and gratitude.
Cosmic Love Letters holds the mirror up to your soul, reflecting the strength and resilience within you. These letters remind you that you are never alone, that each step you take is a testament to your courage and bravery. In the silence of this meditative journey, you will find a warm, gentle hand holding yours, offering comfort, guidance, and reassurance.
This podcast series is more than just a listening experience; it is an invitation to transformation. It will guide you towards releasing limiting beliefs and stepping into your power. The Cosmic Love Letters series is a beacon guiding you back home, back to your true essence.
Immerse yourself in this enlightening journey, and embrace the transformation that awaits. Remember, in this sacred space, you are not alone. We march forward home together, creating, loving, and expanding.

Six Steps to High Vibe Living

Wednesday May 24, 2023

Wednesday May 24, 2023

In this illuminating episode of 'Six Steps to High Vibe Living,' join Veronica as she uncovers the truth about maintaining a high vibe, higher consciousness lifestyle amidst life's obstacles. Veronica dispels the myths around the high vibe journey, addressing the frequent trap of falling back into limiting beliefs and past traumas.
Delve into Veronica's personal morning routine, revealing how she uses intentional practices to prime herself for a successful, high-energy day. With six transformative steps, she teaches you to master your energy, taking control of your body, mind, and emotions.
This episode is packed with practical wisdom, reshaping your understanding of high vibe living. It equips you with actionable techniques to consciously direct your focus, intentions, and energy, enabling you to sculpt your life experience as you desire.
Join us for 'Six Steps to High Vibe Living' and shift from simply surviving to thriving. This journey towards higher consciousness isn't about avoiding lower vibes, but about mastering them with grace, acceptance, and intentionality. Tune in and discover the untapped power within you!

Thursday May 04, 2023

Dive into this eye-opening podcast episode as we explore the fascinating signs and shifts experienced during spiritual ascension. From physical transformations to evolving nutritional needs, we'll uncover the powerful connection between body, mind, and spirit.
Gain insight into common experiences during ascension and awakening, and listen to the podcast to get grounded in an expanded wisdom of what you might be experiencing too.
Embark on a journey of learning how to navigate these transformative moments from a space of acceptance and joy, while unlocking your true potential. Don't miss this captivating episode that will inspire and empower you on your path towards higher consciousness!

Sunday Apr 23, 2023

Breaking the Cycle: The Hidden Cost of Glorifying Pain and How to Embrace Joy and Love for a Conscious Future" is an enlightening podcast episode that exposes the consequences of our society's obsession with pain and negativity, and its far-reaching impact on individuals, collective energy, and the emotional well-being of our children and adolescents.
Uncover the alarming effects of this "numbness" and join us in reshaping our world, one where emotional balance, joy, and love are celebrated. Don't miss this crucial conversation that will challenge your perspectives and inspire you to contribute to a more conscious and harmonious future.

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Welcome to a thought-provoking and insightful podcast episode that explores enhanced perception.
Veronica, who was born with this unique ability, shares personal experiences and examples of how enhanced perception can be developed and used in everyday life.
She also highlights the importance of discernment when it comes to expanded perception and reminds us that it is not always about high vibes, but about being aware of and discerning different energies.
Through practical steps, Veronica encourages listeners to train their perception and enhance it step by step.
This podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in expanding their awareness and tapping into their innate abilities.


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